Date Idea's

23 Jan, 2018


Museum Dates

Beach dates

Sports game

Brunch/Lunch/Dinner date

Lingerie play date

Brewery tour

Wine Tasting

Karaoke Bar

Drive-in movie

Laser tag- (Not just for kids)

Go-kart racing- (Not just for kids)

Horseback riding

Comedy shows

Amusement parks
Concerts & Festivals
Intimate Night In/Takeout & cuddle

Intimate Night In/ Your personal chef

Visit a local farm/ Fruit picking

Romantic Rooftop date

Painting  and Wine night

Dinner cruise



Liquid sunshine (benefits of chlorophyll)

23 Aug, 2017

Chlorophyll – the green pigment in plants that helps them absorb light from the sun –

 So basically chlorophyll is plant blood, almost identical to our own red blood cells. We too are living organisms, just like plants.

Chlorophyll is full of powerful nutrients and vitamins that have a positive impact on our health. Below are a list of benefits
-Blood cleanser
-Alkalize the body
-Fight infections. 
-Rich in enzymes that promote quick rejuvenation
-Promoted healthy intestinal flora
-Protection from cancer
-Anti-oxidant( neutralize free radicals)
-High in amino acids
-Heal wounds
-Detox the body

Best source for chlorophyll:
Green leafy vegetables,  romaine lettuce, wheatgrass, spinach, chlorella, spirulina

How I like to enjoy my daily dose of sunshine